Smoke, fire, steam, bathe...

Heal the Spirit with Traditional Medicine of Central America: Curanderismo

February 25-march 4 2019 in puerto morelos, mexico

Curanderismo - from the root word: Curar: to heal
Wish you could understand the way your spirit and emotions respond to circumstances and others around you?

What if you could have easy ways to support yourself or your family, friends, or clients when things are challenging?

How would your life be different if you had tools to support and clear your spirit, mind and body? Even your home, workspace and pets? Join us!

Join us on a sacred journey into Traditional Medicine of Central America and learn tools for healing the emotions and spirit. Our spirit is deeply connected to our soul, emotional experiences and our responses to the world around us. In Traditional Cultures, emotional and spiritual well being is where true health originates.

In this dynamic course you will learn and practice a variety of different sacred Traditional Healing Methods from Central America, for emotional and spiritual transformation. We will also explore the concepts and definitions of what traditional spiritual illness and health are and how to support, clear and maintain spiritual and emotional health for ourselves and others with these easy to access tools.

Play, laughter, experience and Ceremony will support our exploration of the sacred individually and as a group.

This medicine is shared with permission from Elders of lineages of Maya, Aztec, Otomi, Nahuatl.



Arrive February 25, 2019
We will gather on the evening of the 25th for our opening circle.
We continue the morning of the 26th at 9am, class ends after the final ceremony the evening of March 3rd.
Depart after breakfast March 4, 2019


We will be staying in a beautiful jungle retreat center where we will live among the sacred plants and trees on the land of the Maya. The rooms are lovely shared space, with access to comfortable showers and facilities.



Evenings: ceremony, sacred time for reflections, swim in the cenote, gather with others at the fire circle


Amazing meals, accommodations, shuttle to and from the Cancun airport with the group on the dates indicated. Possible trip to Cozumel Island to visit the Temple of the Maya Goddess of healing, Ix Chel


1260.00 for the class**
**if you book before November 16, 2018 the cost of the class is $1140.00 (coupon code: EARLY)
$750.00 for accommodations meals and shuttles for airport
for a total of $2010.00 (or $1890.00 by November 16)

A deposit of $600.00 will hold your space in the class.